About Tarah Singh

Tarah Singh is a visionary, working in any media to communicate with the world around her. She relies on brushstrokes, color, and textures in paintings or sculptures to initiate emotional conversations with her audience.

She is a multifaceted artist and creating and exploring as a lighting designer, fashion/hairstylist, business consultant, set designer, chef, welder, painter, and mother.

Tarah enjoys constructing environments and experiences for her audiences' to interact with her work. She welcomes exuberance and collaboration and has established many connections with supportive individuals over her career.

She strongly believes artists serve the roles of historians and inventors who bring solutions into existence.
Tarah has created paintings, sculptures, murals, floor plans, events, community, gardens, businesses, relationships, and life. Her daughter Alexandra and Sydney Stilber are part of her life's work, encouraging them to experience new forms of expression and sustainability at every turn.


2020 #Human (Asheville, NC)

2018 Harlem Fine Arts (Manhattan, NY)

2018 Pura Vida Gallery (Asheville, NC)

2018 Long Time Sun Yoga Studio (Asheville, NC)

2018 “In Bloom” Group show at the Block off biltomore (Asheville, NC)

2018 Adlier Gallery (Asheville, NC)

2017 “Pause” Group show at the Block off biltomore (Ashville, NC)

2017 Brevard Arts Council show (Brevard, NC)

2017 Marcato (Sarasota,FL)

2017 Flora Cult (Rome, Italy)

2017 Pepe’s (Abasola, Italy)

2017 Spring Fling ( Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

2016 Flat Rock Bakery (Flat Rock, NC)

2016 The East End Gallery (Hendersonville,NC)

2016 SAB (Hendersonville, NC)

2016 Korean House Restaurant (Asheville, NC)

2016 “Revealed” Asheville Airport (asheville, NC)

2015 Painted Peacock Gallery (Charlotte, NC)

2015  “Interlude” Grateful Steps (Asheville, NC)

2015 “Interlude” Intreguie Salon (sheville, NC)

2014 The Circle Gallery (Asheville NC)

2010 Harvest Thyme Cafe (Hendersonville, NC)

2009 Kung Fu Tattoo (Durham, NC)

2009 Loco Lu’s (Raleigh, NC)2009 Edwin McKay’s (Raleigh, NC)

2009 Cup of Joe (Raleigh, NC)

2009 Cameron Village Library (Raleigh, NC)

2008 Barnes and Noble (Durham, NC)

Commissions and Sales

2020 Jane Grady (Inverness, FL) Brooklyn (48 x 36 acrylic on tar paper)

2020 Charlotte Lawson(Beaufort,SC) – Being Koi (diptych)

2020 Trish and Stephanie Hickling Beckman (Asheville, NC) Poppies

2019 Charles Keefer (Hendersonville, NC) Survivor (acrylic on matte board)

2019 LEAF Global Mural (Asheville,NC) Uptown DNA

2018 Margret Isley (Teaneck, NJ) Sometimes We Fall in Love (36×24. acrylic on canvas)

2018 Gary Demyan (Asheville, NC) Soar (18×24 acrylic on canvas)

2018 Amy Brinkly (Asheville, NC) The Cover up ( Plaster sculpture and paper)

2018 Misc sales at the HFAS  (6×6 acrylic on panel) I was listening, She, He,  (12×4 acrylic on canvas)     Peacock Mask

2017 Tara Jean (Hendersonville, NC) Beeing Woman ( 36×30 acrylic on canvas)

2017 Carol Arkell ( Saluda, NC) Poppy  (36×30 oil)

2017 Jessica Murrillo (Inverness, Fl) The One (18×24 acrylic on canvas)

2017 Elaina (Sarasota, Fl) Elaina , Garden Kisses ( both 12 x 18 acrylic)

2016 Bethany Talsky (Hendersonville, NC) Embrace 2 ( 9×12 acrylic on canvas)

2016 Betty Blackerby (Flat Rock, NC)  Bee (9×12 mixed media on panel)

2016 Unknown  (Flat Rock, NC) Hive Mask (ceramic)

2016 Unknown (SAB) The Phoenix and the Koi (48 x 36 acrylic)

2016 Constance Richards (Asheville, NC) Asian Woman (24 x 12 acrylic)

2014 Bo Rodregus ( Hendersonville, NC) Goddess (34 x 26 acrylic on canvas)

2008 Denise Ball (Floral City, FL)Avenue of the Oaks (36×24,oil on canvas)