Art From Heart

Tarah Singh is a humanitarian and her-storian, a belief that it is an artist’s purpose to document the times in which they live. That art is truly a symbolic language for storytelling. Each line, shape, and color is meant to communicate.

Her works are inspired by historical figures like Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh and local mentors in her area – Vadim Bora, Reed Todd, Jean Lindaberry, and Cleaster Cotton. Over the years, she has been represented primarily by Artist, Designer, Model, and had successful galleries for over 30 years, Franchesca Armijo.  Singh met Armijo in Flat Rock, NC, at Gallery Internationale and later took her work to Sarasota, Fl. Franchesca is both a dear friend and creative mentor to Singh and encouraged Tarah in her Italian explorations.

You can find Tarah in her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, Sarasota, Fl, New York City, or on the shores of Savona, Italy.  She is a person who values local community and global awareness.