Beehives by Tarah Singh

Tarah did a real life skills project with her children and saw that her daughter Sydney who had quite a fascination with pollinators. Sydney would rescue bumble bees and yellow jackets and feed them sugar water and hold them, Tarah was always surprised they never stung her. Watching her daughter’s innate relationship with the bees, Tarah decided to get her a hive. Tarah researched hives and purchased a topbar hive with an observation window. As she taught her daughters about the bees, she also began to enjoy their presence and learn about them. Tarah decided to begin working on an idea for a sculpture that was both beautiful and functional, and for the bees! Not another honey making hive, but one to nourish the creature and encourage its health and survival. Singh spent three months in Savona and Abissola, Italy developing an idea for environmental sculpture. She worked with several artists during her stay, including Ernesto Canepa, Max Leoncini, Paolo Anselmo, and Bouchaib Lamrahi to name a few.