This is a vision that was created by the social climate in the USA in 2019.  I began to hear crazy things about immigration law changes, radical racial issues,  sex trafficking increases, and other atrocities against humanity. The first few prototypes of shirts said Not for Sale, Not Illegal,  Not Guilty, No Cages, Not Disposable, and it made me think about non-violent language. I began thinking, how the world might look, if people took the time to not objectify others.  I thought what was the simplest word to unify everyone globally. The word HUMAN came to mind as the solution. It was the simplest reason for others to follow the golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated, because regardless of our age, race, gender, ideals, we are all #HUMAN.

“Words are skins for intention” – Tarah Singh   This Quote has been a foundational thought in my creative endeavors.

Even if it is a word… it is translatable in many languages …HUMAN.   The audible and visual is the skin,  the tangible to say… I hope that my  INTENTION in its use crosses over to a global message.

I wish for this simple word, these simple garments, this mission, to launch the conversation of how we can show respect and expect respect from all…. inclusiveness.  Art is for thinking, for purposeful work, for showing the viewers new perspectives. Please support this cause; it covers you, covers me, covers everyone, and deals with many major global issues that need to be addressed. Thank you!